Our forest

Nature feeds hope with us

Our forest

Nature feeds hope with us

The HangerStore.it forest

We constantly strive to ensure that our business model is oriented towards sustainable choices, both from an environmental and social point of view.

We produce wooden hangers; we owe everything to nature. From this the idea of creating the HangerStore.it forest was born, so as to "balance the accounts" with nature itself and make our business even more green and sustainable.

Thanks to Treedom, we made this dream come true: an uncontaminated, free and clean space that nourishes hope. In other words: our slice of heaven to imagine a better future.

A green lung in the heart of Africa

The HangerStore.it forest rises in central Africa, in Cameroon. Here there is a sustainable ecosystem that consists of 200 cocoa trees, directly planted and managed by local farmers that are financially and technically supported.

Through Treedom, we have supported the creation of this small green lung, oriented to bring food sovereignty and new income opportunities over time.

Cocoa: a choice for the planet

Cocoa is an arboreal species that respects the biodiversity of the Cameroonian territory and whose fruits can boost the local economy. In the course of their growth these trees generate a benefit for the entire planet.

The 200 cocoa trees of our forest absorb 11 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere which would be enough to fill over 84 thousand basketballs!