Hanger Care

Take care of your hangers

Hanger care

Take care of your hangers

Essentially natural, naturally resistant

Our coat hanger collections are made of untreated natural wood. The quality of the raw materials ensures that the products are maintained over time. On the surface there is already a protective layer of natural wax, which helps to maintain the hangers.

Our clothes hangers are extremely durable and resistant products. They do not require particular maintenance operations, but it’s good practice to respect the precautions that are listed below.

Product care

  • Treatment with any type of chemical product must be absolutely avoided;
  • Do not wet the article and do not use it to hang washed or wet clothes, otherwise the wood would
  • absorb the water ruining the article;
  • For cleaning: only use a dry soft cloth to remove dust;
  • To prevent the onset of rust on the hook, any contact with water should be avoided.