Nature is our choice for the future


Nature is our choice for the future

Treedom, the forest that grows with us is synonymous with high quality, but also with sustainability. Precisely for this reason we decided to embrace Treedom project. So it was born our forest: 200 cocoa trees that grow in the heart of Cameroon.

With this initiative, it was possible to create job opportunities for local farmers and also to help the planet by capturing 11 tons of CO 2.

Wood hangers with FSC production chain

Our "Wood Line" is developed starting from a new concept based on the production of wooden hangers of the highest level, whose production is entirely handmade, guaranteed "Made in Italy" with FSC certified chain.

Forest Stewardship Council (shortened as FSC) is an international no profit organization (NGO). The FSC has created a forest certification system recognized internationally. The certification is aimed at the proper forest management and traceability of products.

Our products are created using raw materials FSC from respecting management forests, according to specific natural environmental protection standards.

We love sustainability, recycling and the environment

When the product is colored, we use only water-based paints to always guarantee maximum naturalness and preserve the environment.

Our packaging is made from recycled and recyclable cardboard, with related printed logos. Inside the box, to keep the hangers securely, we use recycled and recyclable cardboard and also the advertising materials (postcards, internal tissue and stickers) are made of recycled, recyclable FSC cardboard.

Our commitment to the environment continues even when the product leaves our laboratories. We rely solely on a transport company that has made strategic choices to reduce emissions and pollution, supporting the introduction of environmentally friendly vehicles.

Green energy: the power that fuels our innovation

Our Company is green inside. Also this year we signed a contract for the supply of green energy, which comes from certified renewable sources.

In addition to reducing the environmental impact of our production sites, this choice further strengthens our collections, guaranteeing anyone who chooses hangers only high-quality, green and environmentally friendly products.