How to put in order the closet with Narciso hangers

How to put the closet in order? To answer this question it’s necessary to know very well which garments we would like to hang and to estimate the quantity that we would like to store in our closet. Obviously everything goes through the hangers; well-made and good quality hangers allow the garments to be kept as freshly ironed and prevent them from creasing (or ruining) when handled in the closet.

Among the proposals we find the Narciso hangers’ series which, thanks to a shoulder width of 4 cm, allow you to better optimize the wardrobe. We will be able to manage all garments with the same encumbrance: coats, suits, sweaters, top, skirst and trousers. A different idea to furnish even the smallest spaces, without sacrificing style and elegance. In addition, these hangers are made of oak wood, a mold resistant material that doesn’t fear humidity and saltiness. According to our experience, the ratio to use on one linear meter is twenty hangers.