How to organize your closet at the best

How can you best organize your closet? Let us try to answer through the two main reasons behind this question. The first concerns the optimization of wardrobe spaces in order to exploit its real capacity. The second one, which is a direct consequence of the first, shifts the focus around the concept of functionality, so that the clothes and garments in our closet don’t crease and remain perfectly hanging.

Having clarified the main reasons why it is necessary to organize the wardrobe in the best possible way, let's move on to how we can do it. In fact, offers a very useful "Size Chart" on each product page, which contains information and suggestions for managing the closet perfectly. In addition to choosing a suitable hanger for the type of garment, it’s necessary to "calculate" the spaces based on the actual dimensions of that particular model. Based on the experience, we have reported the ratio to be used on a linear meter for each collection (product line), so you can evaluate how many and which hangers to choose to organize your closet at the best.