Tricks to keep the closet in order with Agapanto hangers

Let's see together some tricks to keep the closet in order with hangers. Today, in particular, we want to focus on our collection of wooden hangers Agapanto, an extremely refined line, also designed for wide spaces.

In order to ensure that the garments have the right distance inside the closet, we suggest using twelve pieces per every linear meter for the jacket model and woman's or man’s suits model with a shoulder of 6 cm width.

For shirts, dresses, sweaters, skirts and trousers models with a shoulder of 2,5 cm width, we suggest using thirty pieces, so you can ensure that the garments are adequately spaced.

It’s very simple keeping the closet the closet in order with Agapanto hangers, the perfect compromise between functionality and elegance, where minimal chic style is combined with unique and timeless sensations.